YearRise Project Review – $YRT Presale (IDO) on PinkSale

author: admin type: cryptomines review Time: 2021-12-10 15:28

12 Nov, public

✔️KYC (by Interfi)


✔️Ready reward dashboard

“Hyper Deflationary Token With USDT Rewards And Strategic Buyback Feature”


YearRise is primarily a reward token project. But the team plans to build “sChat Pay” as per the roadmap.

At this stage, it stands out with 8% USDT reward and buyback function. If the team works well, projects like this can perform very well.

Although hype and marketing are good in some projects, the project does not progress due to the incompetence of the team.

People love USDT/BUSD rewards. It’s an incentive for holders. The team has KYCed by Interfi. The smart contract audit is pending. These are good signs.

Check the team’s work. It can be a good investment if you think the team can manage the project well after launch.