Fire Zard Project Review – $ZARD Presale on LunaPad

author: admin type: cryptomines review Time: 2021-12-10 15:28

20 Nov, tier+whitelisted


✔KYCed by Solid Proof


FireZard is a Trading Card game. Its main difference from other games is its approach to NFTs.

NFTs can be traded on their own marketplace. This is a feature we see in every game. FireZard has introduced a rewards system for NFTs holders.

So those who have FireZard NFT will be rewarded. Thus, they want to encourage NFT holders.

The team has KYC by Solid Proof. They have a smart contract audit. These are good signs.

The game is in the test stage.

As with any project, you need to trust the team. Join the Telegram group and observe the team’s activities.