Anji Eco Project Review – $ANJI Presale on DxSale

author: admin type: cryptomines review Time: 2021-12-10 15:29

Date: 6 Nov, public

✔️KYC by


✔️Live products(Swap, staking, etc)

It is easier to evaluate a project like ANJI. Because the team has run the SafePanda and Bamboo project before. The work of the team in this process is a very important indicator.

We see that the team continues to work and product development.

Do not confuse AnjiSwap with “Swap” that we see in many projects. A product with more advanced and different approaches. You can ask the team questions for technical explanations.

AnjiSwap has its own router AnjiRouter like Pancakeswap-PancakeRouter. With this feature, Anji will be able to generate income(fees) from each swap. 33% of these revenues will be distributed to ANJI holders.

The team has passed KYC. They have also a smart contract audit.

When we look at their previous projects, we can say the following:

  • The team is trying to develop the project

  • The team is more experienced now

  • The team consists of talented people

You should definitely research Anji Eco. You have to understand its ecosystem well.

After that, you likely think: It may be considered as a good medium and long-term investment.

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