What is Cryptomines NFT browser game?

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  IMPORTANT UPDATE: On December 8, 2021, the CryptoMines developers have decided to discontinue the current version of the game, now dubbed CryptoMines (Legacy). The devs plan to launch a new version, CryptoMines (Reborn), sometime in the near future. Current players may still go on expeditions to earn $ETERNAL until the $ETERNAL supply gets depleted. They can then trade their best Fleet into discount tickets, which can be used for discounted minting in the new game. In introducing CryptoMines (Reborn), the devs plan to rework the game’s economy to protect it from exploits and token dumps, something that happened on the old CryptoMines game that has caused a massive decline in $ETERNALS pricing towards the end of the game’s lifespan.

  ORIGINAL ARTICLE: CryptoMines is a browser-based Sci-Fi NFT play-to-earn browser-based game set in space. Its framework is similar to CryptoGodz but is less ambitious: it stops before it transitions to a full-blown game. Hence, unlike CryptoGodz, the Sci-Fi NFT play-to-earn browser-based game will stay in the browser for the near future. The game’s roadmap does not indicate anything else beyond this point yet. Still, CryptoMines provides a good opportunity for entrepreneurial players to earn crypto coins in the NFT universe with just a few clicks of the mouse button per day.

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  What is CryptoMines?CryptoMines is a play-to-earn NFT game. Set in space, the game is reminiscent of browser-based worker placement games of old like Travian, Dark Throne, and Ikariam. Just like those games, CryptoMines‘ gameplay also has a very slow start, with not-so-engaging moments. Thankfully, that shouldn’t be a problem for this game. For play-to-earn games, the less work you do to earn cryptocurrency, the better. And for CryptoMines, it demands so little of your time that you can consider this as passive income.

  In CryptoMines, you take the role of a mining magnate, managing a fleet of workers and ships. The most time-consuming part of the game is the acquisition. Buying out enough workers with enough Mining Power (MP) and Ships that can take them to different Planets take a lot of patience, strategizing, and research. Each planet that you can mine will have a set MP requirement, which means you’ll have to head to the marketplace with an objective. You’ll have to strategize around the number of ships you’ll have to buy and optimize your worker loadout. Keep in mind to spend as little as you can, and be on the lookout for high MP, low-cost units.

  Just like in CryptoGodz, mining in CryptoMines involves clicking a button and rolling a die. Every time you’re ready to mine, you choose one of your fleets and then send them out to the different planets in the game. The amount of Eternal, the game’s overarching cryptocurrency, you can earn from the trip will be displayed. Your crew’s success rate will also be displayed. The success of your team depends entirely on RNG, but if they succeed, you earn the amount of Eternal displayed.

  Future updates for the game will introduce a Guild System, a standard feature for MMOs, as well as a PvP Fleet versus Fleet gameplay.

  Who is behind CryptoMines?CryptoMines‘ development team is composed of a “small group of friends who are experienced in Blockchain, networking, programming, game development, and the play-to-earn aspects of the current crypto market,” reads the game’s white paper. The team sees CryptoMines as an opportunity that could empower lower-income societies via NFT gaming.

  CryptoMines‘ Founder is Manuel Torres. The development team behind the game is composed of South American game developers and businessmen, mostly from Chile.

  How to play CryptoMines?To play CryptoMines, players will need a Binance account, a MetaMask wallet, and some spare cash that they can afford to lose. Remember, only invest money that you can afford to lose. The game is completely played on a browser, so it can also be played on any device that can run a browser game and support MetaMask.

  To learn more about CryptoMines, you can check out the White Paper. To get help directly from staff and other players, you can join the official Discord server. Once you’re ready to play, then you can start Minting Workers and Ships or purchasing them straight from the Marketplace. You can do both of these on the game’s website app.