Possible solution to the current downtrend. Upvote so Devs c

author: admin type: cryptomines tutorial Time: 2021-12-10 15:16

Hi work as an economist and i might have a solution for the current downtrend in Eternal price.

The devs can create something called "unrefined eternal" as a reward from mining planets.

Reward value from mining planets will be the same.

The "unrefined eternal" will use the Oracle system to lock the value to USD.

Claiming the "unrefined eternal" will refine it and turn it into regular Eternal worth the accumulated reward from all the "unrefined eternal"(which will not fluctuate with eternal prices), which can now be used to buy ships, workers, be sold, etc.


This system will stop the current downtrend as it gives the players who are mining with 15 day tax periods certainty that their profits from mining(unclaimed eternal) will not lose value even if regular Eternal happens to dip before they get to claim.


Even doing this for a couple of months will stabilize the economy and encourage new players to join in since the possibility of losses due to token prices is reduced.


What do you guys think?

Yes for example you mine planet 1.

Currently you get 0.2460 ETL roughly worth $4.24

If eternal prices go down before you sell, you lose value.

In the system i propose, you earn One cart of planet 1 "unrefined eternal" pegged at $4.24 using the Oracle system.

The oracle system will keep the value at $4.24 no matter what the price of Eternal is at the moment.

When you claim/refine your "unrefined eternal" the Oracle system will then calculate how much Eternal is worth $4.24 at that point in time and give it to you.