Every time i think about the money i lost in this game

author: admin type: cryptomines tutorial Time: 2021-12-10 15:16

  People seem to be mistaking crypto with tokens.

  Crypto coins like ETH,SOL or ADA has utility and real world application.

  Tokens like this etl has none other than being used in a game.

  Makes it easy for tokens to lose value and get rugpulled like some memecoin or scam coin

  Dont worry mate, you may have lost hundreds or thousands of $ but youll get a fecken discount for a brand new Eternal Rugpull Reborn.

  you should make a loss porn comment so newcomers know what can happen..

  the bright side is it's a lesson. it can happen to all cryptos what happened to Eternal. it had happened to Titan.. it might be a cautionary tale even

  Lost 130$ and invested last thursday thinking that news about what devs wanting to do is going to save the game, but no. At the end it is kind of a lesson, a sad lesson.

  The awesome part is that if you logged in recently, you had the option to vote if you want the shitty devs to make remake, so they can steal your money again.


  The voting needs you to pay transaction fee... The audacity of them is incredible.