Cannot claim tokens

author: admin type: cryptomines tutorial Time: 2021-12-10 15:18

  Hey guys I’m have about 50 tokens that I’m trying to claim and keep getting an insufficient balance message? Anybody knows how to fix this? Thanks!

  Game is dead, no money in the pool, you will not be able to withdraw anything.

  Close the webpage tab and carry on

  Ponzi crypto game at its finest, once the price falls or people stop pouring the money in, the pyramid goes down.

  Nobody got scammed, the reward pool got empty (by people claiming). As with any game/token, reward pools are finite... If you invest in something, you should read and understand how that investment works... everybody knew reward pool was going to be empty by the end of the day (2 days ago)

  It was a game. And some people played it better than others. A yield farm with a fancy GUI. The tokenomics were transparent, all contracts were transparent. The real game was timing your exit.

  I invest 5k built 2 fleets , I played got my money back , and made another 7k before I sold at $450 next day it crashed badly. Is just crypto.