Actually believed in this game

author: admin type: cryptomines tutorial Time: 2021-12-10 15:18

  The community was full of yes-men while the price was high.

  Ask a question? You get a

  Actually believed in this game but garbage people that make stuff like this and rob us arent worth the time i wouldnt invest in the new project but invest in something more legit like gala


  New here? You get a

  Question a dev's decision? You get a

  Now everybody is crying wondering why most didn't see this coming. Hell, you were muting, insulting or clowning any kind of disagreement.

  Like, I know this could've been your ticket out of the rat race. It probably couldve been for most of us. But that shit shouldn't turn into the (already misplaced) fanaticism we see in sports and politics.

  Garbage people lol I know the game has a gaping hole but it doesn’t appear like the devs meant for what happened to happened, everything was fine till the traders pumped and dumped the coin from what I saw from the market volume