I hope you're proud of yourselves...

author: admin type: how to play cryptomines Time: 2021-12-10 15:31

  For the last week I've received all manner of abuse here for telling people they need to get out while they can. I've had people tell me I'm a moron for not understanding the game, and say I'm creating unnecessary FUD and that it's a great time for newbies to join. Well - here we are. Your coins are worthless, just like the project. I just hope you didn't convince new people to join and lose all their money.

  Well, to be fair, it was the inicial fud and inaducated people that made the project to do the Trash bin.

  The project needed players to keep playing and reinvest so it wouldnt die. People panic sold. I saw a lot of peep that even disnt know what crypto is playing the game...so...yeah this is a valid point too imo.

  What I find really weird is how dafuq do they already have another game ready in just a couple of days? Cuz for what they said this one is 3D and u explore and stuff... Huum.

  Anyway. Hopefully we can earn some money in the new one, since we can use our fleets for the tickets.

  They are scammers! Not just this group, but there are literally thousands of scams going on of all different kinds. They are very well funded con artists. They use their profits from previous scams to fund their current and future scams. These kinds of devs are very greedy and tight with their money, at all times keeping profit for themselves and manipulating the price the entire time to benefit themselves. They are in control the entire time. The tokenomics are not flawed, that is the design. It is an elaborate trick to fool people by taking advantage of the average person's gullibility. Enough people fall for this again and again. Hopefully we will have learned our lesson this time and not lost too much money. But some people have lost a ton of money on these scams. They belong in jail and should never be allowed to touch a computer again in their lives. In this case, the devs are supposedly doxxed, so I hope Interpol is on their way now with a warrant to bust them. Fuck them!