Lol, now they killed it with that shady voting and stupid id

author: admin type: how to play cryptomines Time: 2021-12-10 15:32

  I am so blown away how stupid move they did! So far, I did not care, cause its free market and you can still play, if you find new players and investors. But now?!

  They basically admited “Hey, we stupid, our economic model does not work. Lets vote”. Of course this model works only if there is flow of players and it would be always in cycles, of course…

  But why they did not wait and let us play? I dont care droping price. Now its definitely problem since they announce the problem.

  And voting by mining power?! Really? So richer guy has better vote?! Wtf is that?

  I know that on crypto its mostly with amount of tokens, but they could lock one vote per one account omfg.

  I dont even believe so many people wants change. I would not play new game definitely, if there is not possibility to update this one.