Please read solution this from someone who understands how t

author: admin type: how to play cryptomines Time: 2021-12-10 15:34

Read this proposed solution. USES UNREFINED ETERNAL. I NEED this passed onto DEV

  1. Make the rewards token an inflationary infinite supply token. Once this is done, devs only need to focus on keeping the LP toppped up constantly. And dont need to worry about price action.

  2. Keep the oracle

  3. The higher the rewards the higher the initial tax, but still come down to 0% after 15 days.

  4. Fund the liquidity by charging 80 cents or more per TX on Cryptomines. With 580k fleets we can easily raise 1 MILLION a day for LP. Lets say that we can raise 580000 * fee per tx * 1.5 (average) + fee per tx * (marketplace TX + minting TX + withdrawal TXs) USD PER DAY FOR LIQUIDITY.

  5. Burn NFTs if not active for certain number of days. This will also be an incentive for players to always interact with the website which funds the LP.

  6. ETL/NFTs can be used as a governance token.

  7. LIMIT Max amount to be withdrawn everyday per account (can be DYNAMIC value based on income made for LP to make sure total amount allowed to be withdrawn everyday is less than amount raised within the day)

  8. Create own DEX which allows only ACTIVE PLAYERS to sell/interact. We dont need CEXs if DEXs are the future

  9. UNREFINED ETERNAL used to further reduce selling pressure, thus less pressure on keeping the liquidity pool topped up constantly