Elden Ring's multiplayer servers will briefly go down for ma

author: admin type: news Time: 2022-03-01 00:00
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No summoning ahead therefore visions of sadness, Tarnished ones. Elden Ring is going offline for a few hours while FromSoftware works to address some multiplayer issues across all platforms. For PC players, that downtime is coming Monday, February 28 at 8 pm Pacific. (That's 4 am GMT on March 1.)

The scheduled maintenance window is only planned to be an hour long, according to FromSoft's announcement. During a prior maintenance period it explained on its support site that "you will not be able to access the online features of Elden Ring," during these server downtimes. 

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That means no co-op, invasions, or any of the classic Souls messages I enjoy so much for at least an hour. For many of us, this will be happening after we've laid down our swords for the night. Bad luck for folks in PST though. No jolly evening cooperation for you.

FromSoft hasn't specifically outlined which of Elden Ring's launch issues this maintenance is intended to address, only that it's focused on multiplayer functions. We'll look out for patch notes following the maintenance. 

So far, Elden Ring rolled out a day one patch to solve some framerate stuttering issues and another patch over the weekend related to startup issues with Easy Anti-Cheat, mouse sensitivity on PC, and other crashing.