The dangers of finite supply and Devs who don't understand e

author: admin type: news Time: 2021-12-10 15:33

  Cryptomines as a game would be functional if there wasn't a 5 million cap on eternal.

  Now, they have their 2.0 version with a 5 Million dark matter cap that's a disaster in the making.

  Play 2 earn is a paradox. And since no one involved prints money, someone has to lose for another to gain.

  If Eternal were uncapped, then the game would still be functional (but maybe not profitable.)

  Any game with a finite reward token is asking for an eventual death.

  Play 2 earn is not a paradox, it is a cero sum game.

  I agree that a finite supply means the game is doomed from the start unless you make less due to taxes (that go to financing the pool) from playing the game. In that case it is sustainable but no one will play it. Say you start an expedition for 1 usd and get 99 cents after it ends.

  The whole point of cryptomines is to cash out before it crashes, that is the essence of the game. I think cryptomines might be interesting if people join.

  You know, obviously I'm not a crypto expert, but after this failure I started to read about tokenomics and other related topics for this kind of crypto projects.

  Yes, a limited supply seems to be not the best idea, why not just mimic Axie system with a dual token system: A governant token with limited supply and a in-game token with unlimited supply?

  Also, I'm not sure if the oracle at the claim is a good idea after all, if the token is on a downtrend again this basically will deplete the pool even faster.

  But well, they are now trying to put some breeding/burning system in the new game, I'm just wondering if that's gonna be enough to keep the pool healty, they really need to work on this dynamics, it is the key to sustainability.

  Anyways, I'm going to try the new one because the old one shoved me a cucumber on my ass and I ended up only with fleets lmao.