What happened to CryptoMines?

author: admin type: news Time: 2021-12-10 15:33

  CryptoMines was born from the dream of the developers to do better than its predecessors in the NFT P2E environment, for a long time it remained stable and in constant growth due to the great income and investment of new people both in $ETERNAL(trading) and in the game, allowing a snowball effect on the rise that caused that people who entered to buy many $ETERNAL could make Dumps of the token when it rose to a certain point, and thus began the fall effect amplified by these traders and collective fear.

  In this way we could observe how it was a devastating fall as big as the massive growth of CryptoMines, where people’s confidence was totally eroded when the price of the token took a hit of that level, however, the main problem is that NFTs have no additional cost or wear and tear causing an over-population of these assets and thus reaching a point where some investors do not have the need to continue re-investing.

  This same re-investment effect is necessary in order to continue with a healthy and collaborative environment of a P2E game as there must be movement of investment, reinvestment, and new revenue to maintain a sustainable ecosystem over time or directly more longevity, CryptoMines at its peak managed to make refill its reward pool with more than 1.2million Mints per day, after the fall, we started to see numbers hovering around 50k and even less mints per day, accumulating a debt due to lack of trust and re-investment in the game.