Valve clears up Steam Deck availability confusion just as Q2

author: admin type: news Time: 2022-04-05 00:00
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There's some good news for all you Q2'ers out there. Valve has already sent out its first batch of order emails for Q2 reservers of the Steam Deck. Valve also has updated the product page for the Steam Deck to give slightly more specific time frames for when you should expect to see yours.

In a tweet from the Official Steam Deck account, Valve said that "Starting today, we're ramping up Steam Deck shipments, and will be sending more order availability emails every week. Sometimes even twice a week." 

So, if you have a Q2 preorder of a Steam Deck, keep an eye out for the email from Valve because you'll only have 72 hours to complete the transaction, and it would be wise to double-check your shipping address and payment information. 

This comes nearly two weeks after Valve said it fulfilled the rest of its Q1 preorders. In a follow-up tweet, Valve also said it updated the Steam Deck product page to "clarify what Q2, Q3, and After Q3 mean in terms of months," so it should be you between which months until your Steam Deck preorder is ready to be processed. 

If you're like me, who pre-ordered a Steam Deck the day after it was announced, our 'expected order availability' is now Q3 (July-September) 2022. Yeah, it's still just Q3, but, for some reason, seeing months makes it feel more real to me. Anyone who preorders from here on out will have to wait until after Q3, which is October 2022 and beyond. Valve also stated, "No reservation windows have been changed or delayed," great news.

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