This mod unlocks Elden Ring's 60 fps cap at your own risk

author: admin type: news Time: 2022-03-01 00:00
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Nobody tell FromSoftware, but I just unlocked Elden Ring's annoying 60 fps cap on PC. I can finally run around Stormveil Castle at a smooth-ish 90 fps or lock it to whatever number I want, as every PC game should allow. It was a surprisingly easy process, but I'm not sure the downsides are really worth it at the moment.

Unlocking Elden Ring's framerate is possible thanks to this handy mod developed by Github user uberhalit. As they explain, the mod doesn't actually modify any of Elden Ring's game files, but instead "patches the game's memory while running." You have to start the game from a custom launcher that also comes with a handful of new features, including widescreen support, game speed modification, FOV options, and the ability to not lose runes upon death.

The mod is part extra settings and part cheat tool, and therein lies some risk with using it. Like with all other Elden Ring mods (such as this cool pause mod), you'll need to disable Elden Ring's built-in Easy Anti-Cheat to get it running properly. This is a fast and reversible process if you follow this guide from Windows Central, but doing so will force the game into offline mode. While mods are on, you won't be able to summon co-op players, get invaded, or see messages and bloodstains.

That's one downside to consider. Another is that FromSoftware could issue bans to players if it detects mods or cheats while online—even if you used them while offline. For this reason you should always remove all mods before trying to launch the game in online mode. Nobody seems to know for sure yet if doing this will completely dodge a ban (if I get banned in the next few days, I guess I'll know), but this method apparently worked in older Souls games. That doesn't exactly fill me with confidence. Judging by this warning on my main menu that says there's "inappropriate activity detected," it's clear the game knows what I'm up to.

elden ring fps mod

"Inappropriate activity detected"🤔 (Image credit: FromSoftware)

So it's an anti-cheat gray area, requires offline mode and a separate launcher to work, and what exactly do I get out of it? Somewhat better performance in Elden Ring on my pretty good PC (RTX 3060, Ryzen 5700G 3.8 GHz, 16GB RAM) highly dependent on where I am in the world.

The benefit is obvious in the confined hallways and courtyards of Stormveil Castle, but horsing along the grassy hills of Limgrave hangs around 60 fps and I still get the regularly scheduled performance nosedives that everyone's been complaining about. Perhaps those with beefier rigs will get more out of this mod, but for now it's held back by Elden Ring's worst ongoing problem: poor optimization.